My name is Dominik and this is my technology centred blog. I am currently a student at McMaster University studying Mechatronics Engineering. The topics I will probably be writing the most about are: embedded systems, and deep learning. I plan to stumble my way through a few big projects in particular over the next little while:

  • Implementing Google's seq2seq framework in Torch, particularly for the purpose of building a chatbot
  • Using FPGA's to accelerate neural network training over PCIE
  • Safety verification of deep neural nets from an engineering perspective

While these are fairly big open-ended projects I hope to refine them over the coming period of time. If anyone reading this has any comments, questions or wants to see me tackle one of the above projects more than the others let me know!


Dominik Kaukinen

I am an undergraduate Mechatronics engineering student. My biggest interest right now is deep learning. I'm probably going to making some blogs about my foray into deep learning / embedded systems.